BILL MUMY appeared with the Dead Elvi at the 2004 Halloween show! Thanks also to special guests TIFFANY and WILLIAM STOUT!


Soundcheck - Thumbs and Skullhead. Soundcheck - Criswell. Soundcheck - Gelvis.
Bill ponders if he, too, will turn into a zombie as a result of DE exposure. Yep! That's my dad! Criswell gets serious for a moment.
"I've had it up to here with fire marshals!" Da Bluurrr makes red-eye work for him. Thumbs and Skullhead share a moment.
Gelvis gets into the part. The Elvettes add to the excitement. Artist Bill Stout with Criswell and Gelvis.
Thumbs, Skullhead and DaBlurrr. Pop icon Tiffany steps up with the 'vi for "I Think We're Alone Now." Tiffany rocking with Gelvis.
Criswell with lovely partier Carol Cleveland, of 'Monty Python' fame! Donna and Scott man the Dead Elvi table.
(Photo courtesy of Little1)

The Dead Elvi with Legendary Guitarist Mick Taylor!
Chiller Theatre Convention, Saturday, April 26, 2003


Mark Goddard sings with Criswell and Thumbs 'Lost In Space' star Bill Mumy and Thumbs backstage at the Chiller Party Criswell sings 'Little Wing,' an Elvi favorite a la Jimi Hendrix
Skullhead sings lead on 'The Creature Stole My Surfboard' Zacherley and Ray Manzarek of The Doors jammed with the Dead Elvi, April 2002 Skullhead
Skullhead in green Thumbs DaBlurrr
Criswell Criswell again The Band
Zach The Dead Elvi and Zach in the studio Skullhead and Zacherley recording 'The Monster Mash'
Gelvis and Criswell kickin' it Gelvis and one of the Elvettes Gelvis and DaBluurrr stomping
Criswell plays the 'Munsters' theme Criswell and Mumy Billy Mumy jams
Mick and 'Thumbs' Kevin beams! Mick and Thumbs jam

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