The DEAD ELVI broke the chilly silence of the DEAD OF WINTER with some cool tunes for grooving partiers!
Photos from the Jan. 8th CHILLER - DEAD OF WINTER gig are below.


'Captain Spaulding' (Sid Haig) performs the nuptials. Newlyweds Aine Laws and Kenneth Leicht do what newlyweds do. 'The Elvi are soooo DREAMY!'
Gelvis in purple. Skullhead and Gelvis. Criswell.
Why the sad face, de Bluurr? Rock is serious business for Thumbs and Criswell. Thumbs finds himself distracted.
Elvettes Wendy and Cheryl shaking it up behind Gelvis. Criswell doing what he does so well. Up close and personal with Skullhead.
Special guest Keith McGee steps up with the Elvi. McGee contributes some nifty licks of his own as da Blurrr looks on. Criswell ... Thumbs ... and Elvette Cheryl.
Skullhead serenades the "Dead of Winter" audience. Ah ... de Bluurrr is back to ... normal! Scott, Diablo and Animal join in 'God Bless America.'

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