The DEAD ELVI rocked the tent crowd with special guests Peter Tork and Zacherley.
Photos from the April 30th CHILLER - SPRING EXTRAVAGANZA gig are below.


Ready time for the DE and Peter Tork. Criswell warms up. Zach is back, and in makeup!
A classic expression. Seka and Zach. Gelvis.
Joe Wiz, Elvette Cheryl and Thumbs. de Bluurr, ready for action. Is this party time, or what?!
The Elvettes are multiplying! Zacherley, the Cool Ghoul. The great one.
Rock on, Zach! "Lyrics? BAH!" Some help from staff and friends.
Zach and long-time accompanist Mike Gilks. The most-loved guest at Chiller. Everybody!
Peter Tork solos. Back on keyboards for 'Daydream Believer.' Charlene Tilton, major Monkees fan.
Kudos to Peter Tork. Tork acknowledges the Dead Elvi. Skullhead and Gelvis, lookin' sharp.
Seka and Peter Tork enjoying the show. Thumbs, Criswell, and neo-Elvette Donna. Gelvis and the Unknown Elvette.
All together, now. Can one have too much fun? Good times ... good times ...
Elvette Wendy and Skullhead. Thumbs and Criswell, feeling the groove. Criswell and Elvette Wendy.
When Diablo and Animal sing 'God Bless America,' they MEAN it.

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