On the 15th anniversary of CHILLER, the DEAD ELVI and friends made rock and roll history!

The ELVI were joined by former Beatle PETE BEST, IAN LLOYD and RICHIE RANNO, BUCKETHEAD, and many others.

ZACHERLEY THE COOL GHOUL and BOBBY "BORIS" PICKETT teamed up for the first time EVER to do the MONSTER MASH!

More photos below!

de Bluurr (foreground) joins former Beatle Pete Best on drums for some vintage Beatles tunes.


The "BLOOD FEAST" award presentation
(H.G. Lewis, Mal Arnold, ?, Connie Mason)
H.G. Lewis leads the crowd in a round of "YEE HAW! I said, "YEE HAW!"
Thumbs, Criswell and Skullhead back the 'BLOOD FEAST' crew Connie Mason, H.G. Lewis and ? raise a ruckus Phil Melia of the Pete Best Band
Paul Parry and Tony Flynn of Pete Best's band Chris Cavanagh of the Pete Best Band Pete Best himself!
Pete Best's bandmates Phil Melia and Paul Parry Joe Wiz, Dead Elvi tech Gelvis and Elvette Wendy
Skullhead Criswell and Gelvis channel Devo Ian Lloyd, formerly of "Stories"
Thumbs and Richie Ranno, of "Starz" Richie Ranno and Ian Lloyd perform "Brother Louie" Ygor! (Michael Thomas)
Dr. Skull (Joe Girardi) and Gelvis Ygor is joined by Rachel and Mike Gilks for "Bela Lugosi" Bobby "Boris" Pickett finally meets Zach
The KINGS of the "Monster Mash!" John Zacherle, a/k/a THE COOL GHOUL "Whatever happened to my Transylvanian twist?"
"Tell them Boris sent you!" Zach, Mike Gilks, and Bobby Dr. Skull and Ygor
Zach bids Bobby goodnight Ygor gazes adoringly at Zach de Blurrr and de Beatle
(Pete) Best of the Beatles! Thumbs and his Les Paul Buckethead and Criswell, working on telepathic communication
Buckethead, Criswell and Thumbs Buckethead and the Dead Elvi Elvette Cheryl, Gelvis, and Elvette Wendy

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